Professional and Technical Case Studies

ARRA Support Services

Contracting Agency:  Department of Energy-Savannah River, Aiken, SC

CPS has been awarded a contract for support to the Department of Energy’s Savannah River Operations (DOE-SR) in Aiken, SC in the implementation of their American Recovery and Reinvestment Act programs. The initial task statements are for two years support in three different areas (three separate task orders) associated with decommissioning major national nuclear weapons program facilities and site environmental remediation:

  • Property Management (most directly applicable to this project)
  • Financial Analysis
  • Transparency Advocacy.

The financial analysis and transparency advocacy support includes analysis, assessments and audits with routine and ARRA-specific requirements to assure sound and fully compliant financial activities a full documentation and tracking of ARRA program expenditures.

The Property Management support area is the most directly applicable to this project. CPS responsibilities in that area include serving as a point of contact for all personal property associated with DOE-SR ARRA activities. CPS is charged with organizing efforts to identify difficult disposition of materials on site and coordinate their input for scheduled deactivation and/or disposal associated with the Act. CPS will support DOE-SR management developing strategies and planning requirements, and will serve as the property administrator for all related small business ARRA contracting activities. Among other duties, CPS personnel will serve as the facilitator fro the Community Assistance and Asset Management Team to track personal property control and distribution programs on ARRA initiatives and prepare reports required by ARRA. This contract requires personnel with a thorough knowledge of supply management, vehicle fleet requirements, equipment management, logistics, and industry business practices.

Results: While the project is still in its infancy, initial position requirements have been met and staff is coordinating with DOE supervisory personnel to meet initial requirements in a timely manner.

Dam/River Lock System Maintenance Support

Contracting Agency:  USACE, Nashville District

Project scope includes independent provision of support services to satisfy the overall operational objectives of Nashville District Corps of Engineers, as directed by the Facility Manager, East Tennessee River Area Locks and Kentucky Lock. The contractor provides services of (approximately 15) Maintenance Workers of level WY-05 and WY-07 to support USACE Tennessee River Lock personnel with the maintenance, construction, and repair of high-lift navigation locks and related facilities on the Tennessee River. Working alone or in a group, personnel accomplish a variety of work in connection with the construction, alteration, maintenance, and repair of navigation locks, facilities, and related structures, including floating plant and its ancillary equipment. Typical assignments include;

  • Securing tools, equipment, materials, replacement parts, etc.; holding items and parts being worked on, cleaning oil, dirt, grease, and water from machinery and parts; brush and spray painting, performing preventive maintenance on equipment; cutting, bending, and threading electrical conduit.
  • Performing general housekeeping functions, which involves cleaning, sweeping, mopping, disposal of refuse, operating power-scrubbing machine etc.
  • Operating light automotive equipment up to one-ton truck to transport materials, supplies and personnel to and from work sites, requiring appropriate operator’s permit. Operate skiff with outboard motor.
  • Performing other routine maintenance and support duties as assigned.

Results: This project is ongoing. There have been zero issues with services provided to date. All required positions have remained staffed through the duration of the project to this point.

Senior Procedure Writer Support

Contracting Agency: Colonial Pipeline Company

CPS was responsible for providing Senior Procedure Writer support to a major pipeline company, Colonial Pipeline. The project objective was the full reworking of current procedures to a level of excellence found in the significantly more complex industries CPS has supported over its history – military, nuclear, DOE. Staff provided were expected to work independently to develop and implement a comprehensive program, including a lessons learned database, and proper training material to support the implementation.

Results: A corporate-wide rethinking on procedures and processes was introduced to Colonial Pipeline. All aspects of the project scope were met successfully. Some of the contract staff initially brought on board in support of this effort remains in support of Colonial Pipeline directly even today.

Facility HVAC/Maintenance Support

Contracting Agency:  Veterans Administration Medical Center – Northport, NY

CPS, Inc. was responsible for providing and maintaining complete facilities support for all HVAC and normal maintenance functions within the VAMC-Northport facility. Positions included journeyman electricians, carpenters, general maintenance support, plumbers and pipe fitters. Staffing requirements peaked as high as 15 full-time employees during for the duration of the contract.

Results: CPS met or exceeded all requests for the VAMC Northport, NY for a period of two years. During our support, there were no significant workers comp incidents reported, and many of the staff CPS brought to the facility continued on either as internal employees of the VAMC or as direct contract support to their facility.

Mobile Automotive Workers

Contracting Agency:  Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, Tucson, AZ

CPS supported the DHS in providing the CBP in Tucson, AZ with up to five Automotive Service Workers to maintain their fleet of border patrol vehicles, providing routine maintenance, and light vehicle repair/corrections as necessary.

Results: CPS had to manage funding issues throughout the duration of this project, almost two years. During that time, CPS was able to maintain a full compliment of qualified personnel for CBP, and maintained relations with both customer and contract employees during the down-time/unfounded periods so that personnel were ready to immediately start and staffing requirements were immediately met once funding was secure.

Ship Captains and Deckhands

Contracting Agency:  Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) NOAA, Ann Arbor, MI – through Mid-America CASU

CPS has provided over several contracts and multiple years Ship/Small Boat Captains and Deckhands in support of GLERL and NOAA. Our employees were responsible for the day-to-day operation and activities on board NOAA research vessels stationed at Muskegon, Michigan. Vessels were used in support of projects located in or on all of the surrounding Great Lakes.

Results: CPS has managed this seasonal contract for NOAA-GLERL for several years. We have supplied multiple personnel to meet their needs over the life of this assignment, at all times, CPS was able to maintain a full compliment of qualified personnel for NOAA-GLERL without incident.

Biological Science Technicians/Laboratory Technicians

Contracting Agency:  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Galveston Laboratory, Galveston, TX – in support of Mid-America CASU

For several years, CPS supported NOAA Galveston Laboratory, providing as many as twenty FTEs in multiple areas of support – Biological Technicians, Laboratory Technicians, Platform Observers and Research Assistants for their platform observation requirement. Tasked with observing the dismantling of obsolete oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, Platform personnel were responsible for observing, tagging and the collection of samples for NOAA-GL for the local marine life (sea turtles, marine mammals, etc.). Laboratory Technicians and Research Assistants were then responsible for analyzing the data and reporting the developments to the NOAA-GL internal staff.

Results: CPS supported these service requirements for a period of over three years. During that time all staffing requirements were met within the guidelines of NOAA supervisory staff. This project required a significant amount of travel support and part-time staff with varied schedule requirements. Our internal staff worked hand-in-hand with NOAA-GL supervisory staff on an almost daily basis to verify all requirements were completed in a timely manner, under budget.

Maintenance Training Services

Contracting Agency:  North Atlantic Energy Services Corp. (NAESCO) – Seabrook Nuclear Power Station, Seabrook, NH

CPS provided Maintenance Instructor support to Seabrook Station to provide electrical instructor services and to assist NAESCO’s Training Department. This program lasted for one year.

Results: CPS found the qualified instructor(s) necessary to perform the requirements of the contract. Work was completed successfully and in a timely manner.

Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) Training Services

Contracting Agency:  Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, Lusby, MD

CPS provided Senior Reactor Operator Instructor services to Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant to develop training material and conduct classroom and simulator training. Performs tasks necessary to maintain/improve/implement initial and continuing licensed operator training programs. 

Results: CPS found the qualified instructor(s) necessary to perform the requirements of the contract. Work was completed successfully and in a timely manner. 

Test Administrator Support

Contracting Agency:  Scott AFB, 375 CONS/LGC, Scott AFB, IL

CPS was required to find Test Administrator support services for the United States Air Force at Scott AFB for the voluntary off-duty education program to include the Defense Activity fro Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), PME and CDC programs. 

Results: CPS has been responsible for supplying these positions to the Air Force for several years now, fulfilling the requirements of multiple part-time support positions, handling occasional increases in participation requirements.

Geo-Technical Engineering Services

Contracting Agency:  United States Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville District, TN

The USACE objective was to provide Geo-Technical Engineer services that could perform studies in support of the Wolf Creek and Center Hill Dam Seepage Control Projects. The requirement was for a seasoned professional with over thirty years of design and oversight of foundation treatment, embankment design, instrumentation, and dam safety management for large dams and appurtenant structures. The senior engineer would be responsible for assessing current conditions pertaining to the two programs and provide recommendations to the District Dam Safety Committee on continued operation. Any recommended and approved changes would then require implementation and oversight by the contractor.

Results: CPS was able to provide two qualified candidates for the USACE, and services continued under this order for almost two years without incident, finishing on schedule and within budget.

Pharmacy Data Analyst

Contracting Agency:  37th Contracting Squadron, Lackland AFB, TX

CPS is tasked with providing Pharmacy Data Analyst services to the 37th Contracting Squadron for the purposes of analyzing the accuracy of pharmaceutical prime vendor charges of some sixty medical treatment facilities. Assessments are reported directly to the Chief of the Tri-Service Regional Business Office (TRBO) and training development and implementation is required of the employee based on findings to improve data quality.

Results: This is a three-year project for CPS. Employees were required to be self-sufficient and of leadership quality. Our employees have proven themselves over the first half of this task to be exactly that. All requirements to date have been met on schedule and under budget.