Professional and Technical

At Concord, our founding members originate from the National Laboratory environment. Our Co-founder, and Senior Vice President, Dr. Paul Haas is a Ph.D. Nuclear Engineer with 40+ years of professional and technical experience. His first twenty years were spent working in National Laboratories – Brookhaven, Oak Ridge, Savannah River – culminating in the formation of a small business in the late 80s that provided the commercial nuclear, petro-chemical and DOE communities with services in engineering, training, operations and maintenance project support over the course of 15 years. Since inception, over 35% of Concord’s support staff have been in Professional and Technical fields. Our current client list includes every branch of the military, DOE, DOD, DOJ, and the NRC to name but a few.

  • Engineering/Engineering Techs
  • Scientists/Laboratory Techs
  • Operations and Maintenance Support
  • Training (ISD, OJT, On-line)
  • RADCON Support
  • Performance Improvement/Measurement
  • Project/Program Management
  • Environmental, Safety and Health
  • Regulatory Compliance

To learn more about our Technical capabilities, please contact Mr. Geoff Haas, President – 865-690-1434. Feel free to review some of our sample “Case Studies” as well.

Concord, Inc. – large business capability, small business ingenuity.