Information Technology Case Studies

Database Programming / Database Administration

Contracting Agency: USDA – National Information Technology Center (NITC) in Kansas City, MO

Project/Scope: For several years, CPS provided Database Development/Administration staffing support to the USDA in Kansas City, MO. As part of the USDA in-house team, CPS’s staff was responsible for converting proprietary data, from a variety of sources, such as:

  • Mapping customer data to target system database
  • Developing efficient and optimized conversion programs to complete data conversions
  • Testing the conversion programs based on pre-determined schedule

This project including, CPS staff reporting project status to management on a regular basis; making conversion programs repeatable by standardizing and documenting all conversion programs; interacting with Business Analyst as needed to insure understanding and agreement on project status and issues within 100% customer satisfaction and project success.

Results: The project was staffed with qualified professional IT staff over a multi-year period of performance that successfully converted the proprietary government within specifications and on-time.

Computer Analyst Support

Contracting Agency: U.S. Navy – Personnel Support Activity, San Diego, CA

Project/Scope: CPS was involved in a quick-turnaround support project involving over 20 Computer Analysts supporting the U.S. Navy Personnel Support Activity unit in San Diego, CA. Duties included activities, such as, creating and maintaining databases; entering/retrieving data; analyzing, creating, and presenting reports from databases; assisting in the development and administering of survey instruments, forms, and questionnaires; monitoring record keeping procedures for accuracy, and compiling data; reviews and prepares program reports and data; documenting the survey/data review process and product.

Results: CPS rapidly deployed 20 professional staffing support employees for this short duration project which required a quick-turnaround for our clients successful completion of this project.

Web Design Consultant for the Permits Information Management System (PIMS) Program

Contracting Agency: National Marine Fisheries Service, St. Petersburg, FL

Project/Scope: CPS was responsible for providing the subject matter expert for the design, development and implementation of the PIMS Program and to replace the current legacy system in the tracking of Marine Mammal Protection data. This included those threatened and/or endangered marine mammals, in total, more than 100 statutes, international conventions and treaties were integrated into the system.

Results: CPS successfully supplied professional subject matter expert support for the design, development, and implementation of a scientific information system.

IT Specialist – Visual Information for the Corp of Engineers

Contracting Agency: Army/Corp of Engineers, New York, NY

Project/Scope: CPS was responsible for supplying Visual Information Specialist services and expertise in support of multiple in-house projects for the U.S. Army/COE. The scope of activities included the design and implementation of various presentations in various media formats, as well, computer graphic support, desktop publishing support, web site support and briefing development.

Results: CPS provided qualified and professional staff in a timely manner to ensure our client’s success.